URL to image but in special way

Hey Everybody how are you. Hope you will be fine and everything is going on well.
I am working on a project in which i have to change Url to Image. I have searched many extension and topics in community but not get required result.


I want this kind of block where we get image url and set it to an image component.
Like where call is written there it should be the image component in which the image is needed to load. And where position is written there should be the url of the image like from firebase.
Please someone HELP me

Why special extension you want to use?? Set use the block set picture to url (specific the Image url) simple.

I am using chatview and i wanted to show that image in that chatview
Therefore I have to create image from it first
As the only link is sending the message in the form of link I mean to say that instead of Image its url

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Oh, sorry… If i have knowledge surely i would help you but i am not good in chatting app… So me too waiting for someone to give their answer…

Hey dont say sorry. Its enough as you have tried to help

But no one has responded till now :disappointed::disappointed:

This block for get image link from position

@avijitdas no no this is example of block that i need this kind of block
its like example

Did you tried this block ?


yes but its not working as the image is needed to be loaded from firebase link

You mean profile picture of the user to display in chat view or the images share by the user to display in chat view

no no
Like you and me are chatting in my app then when you send a image it uploads to firebase and then it should show to me in chatview

means that the link is needed to convert to image in chatview