Usage of PHP with Webcomponent to Send & Receive Values - REDIS Server

I request you to please give some guide to use the PHP with Web Component.

Actually I want to connect a Redis server to get and set the Values. Any help is much appreciated.

Did you setup redis server

Yes I have redis server

All i need is the Syntax to use PHP with web component…

Redis works on memory and mainly its used for cache in memory.You need to write php script for working with redis.
I replied twice i think it’s network problem doesn’t send message.

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That is what i want to know

Do you have any blocks to share about PHP usage

Make php api and use get and post block

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Any blocks or guide please

Blocks are approximately same as mysql blocks

You could try using this: predis/predis - Packagist

There are examples within that repository on how to use it.

How can i use the following example in kodular

I need blocks as an example

<?php //Connecting to Redis server on localhost $redis = new Redis(); $redis->connect('', 6379); echo "Connection to server sucessfully"; //set the data in redis string $redis->set("tutorial-name", "Redis tutorial"); // Get the stored data and print it echo "Stored string in redis:: " .$redis→get("tutorial-name"); ?>

did you get any further here? I would also like to use other functions of my Redis database (sortset, lists, hashes and the other 15 databases.)
But I’m not (yet) familiar with PHP.
Would use phpRedis. Has anyone here possibly already a php script to save data with hilder web components. (Component clouddb works)

No I’m just using the CloudDB component.