Usb test and thunkable aia problem

1st of all live usb test is not working… so i can test my app…

second i want to ask that whether i can import thunkable aia??

and when usuage of extentions willl be available??

You can do that now, just it’s very limited to certain extensions… If you use an extension testing with the companion, it will give LOTS of errors

You can however, and in built components Makeroid doesn’t have will not work… You must remove them then

Use the companion from Google Play, it’s working now and give it a good review

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Not working

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What’s not working?

The companion is working correctly however if you’re on the HTTPS page it won’t work or sometimes certain components will cause errors. (Most) extensions should work when compiled however not in companion - Known Issue. Is your side freezing when you scan the QR code, if so people have been telling me it’s happening to them too

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Makeroid live testing

Thunkable aia is not working in makeroid.
I have uploaded my aia to makeroid it it showing in apps. When i start to diting it it shows internal error.

And also i doesnt used any extension in thatproject from thunkable.

We cannot guarantee that AIAs made using Thunkable will work with Makeroid.
Please remove all components which are exclusive to Thunkable, and then upload your AIA file


The builders are getting more and more different from each other. You can not expect that it will work if you import the aia into another builder. That is not the fault of the developers of any builder. Sometimes you will be lucky and sometimes it will never work.


remove the components which are not similar/supported via makeroid and try re uploading your .aia

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I have used very basic components like arrangement buttons labels. Thats all. Then how?

this happen coz of the different builders as @Peter said

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Why don’t you just start over with a new project and make it the same as in Thunkable.


But i have spend it on many time to build and design i dont want to repeat it. Hope u understand :relaxed:

What would you think we can do about it then? We said sometimes it will not work because of the differences with the builders or maybe the complexity of the aia. Why not stay with Thunkable for this app?


Ok i understand you. Thanks for your reply.

you said that u used some simple components than why spend many time? its better to start a new project from brand new makeroid :star_struck:

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I have solved thunkable aia problem by removing AdMob ads from thunkable.

As Thunkable Admob contains personalized ads and makeroid doesn’t!

So now it is working!!! :joy::joy::+1:

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you have solved the problem right?

This is because all our admob components check byitself if a App User is located in Europe.
Means the consent dialog is only Shown to users which need to see the consent dialog.
This is how the new EU data privacy works.


No i have solved only thunkable aia topic. I dont know about usb test issu.e