Use extension ListAddon together with component "List View Image and Text". It´s possible?

Is it possible to use this extension? For the title is ordered, and the subtitle does not follow the same order.

Please share screenshot or Explain your problem. Because your data is insufficient .

I would like to organize the list by priority. I think about using extension ListAddon .

which means, you like to sort a list of lists…
here is an example How to sort a list using the webviewer(!), You also can sort list of lists using this method, see an example here.
There are also other methods… you might want to search the community…


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But, i iuse a List View Image and Text. This component return two variables.
How do I order by one or the other without losing the relationship they have?
I tried to use the extension ListAddon, but the result was not good, as the relationship was lost.
in the example using the webviewer, a simple list is used, not a list containing two pieces of information.

Are You Trying to make Leaderboard…

I am listing requests by priority. I need the request ID (subtitle) to accompany the order. Because in the sequence I will use the ID to register more information in the base data.

after looking again at your blocks I can see, that you are storing your data in a MySQL database…
so what about using the correct Select statement to get the data already sorted?
let me suggest to retrieve the data as table in csv format… this could be your SELECT statement:
SELECT prioridade, id FROM solicitacao ORDER BY prioridade

use the list from csv table block to convert it into a list of lists, then loop through the list and assign the items to your listview


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Thanks Taifun,

You can give me a example ?