Use Of Another AD networks

There are so many app and inside of that they are using Admob, Facebook, Adcolony, Vungle etc. Ad neworks.
My question is:-
How to make a App like this? (with the use of Adcolony, Vungle Ad networks"

Means “How can I use offerwalls inside my Android app?”

If it possible then it will be a proffesional App.

Please help me to do like this


You should also try Facebook ads

Facebook ads doesn’t not work properly

You can use to add any ad networks ad in your App.

You can watch these 2 videos for details :point_down:

AND THIS ONE ALSO :point_down:


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I dont understand why we need Ad Networks. Makeroid is the one who needs them, what do you use them for other than getting money for the work in which you’re not doing. It’s not difficult to make a Makeroid app so why do you need to make it like a premium app. In my opinion only extensions should be a premium, some of them as those take time. A Makeroid app I could have done in 1 day.

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I beg to differ. Makeroid is a powerful tool, and developers should have the option to monetize. Earning apps? Ban them.

I understand they deserve to earn but, it’s like Makeroid is being abused because, of this feature. I got banned for no reason on AdMob and I’m against them.

Same. They terminated my account with just about no reason. Never earned anything with AdMob. :joy:

Exactly, it’s so stupid

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Yeah, not even a suspension. Straight out termination without warnings.

Its almost useless, if their gonna ban people, and 75% of people were bqanned from AdMob for example on Makeroid, why even have AdMob as a choice? Why should we give them more publicity when they’re kicking us out of a program that we didnt do anything to be banned for