Use of Firebase_DB Go Online and Go Offline

what is the purpose of Firebase block .Go Online and .Go offline ??
How to use them properly ??
An aia example will be appreciated.

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can anyone share whats the potential of this blocks?. From the word itself i know what its for, but need more info about and how it’s works.

Go Online and Go Offline block is used because when any transaction is done firebase is always active and uses some internet to keep tracking in changes in database by using Go offline will close all connections to database and before performing any task just use Go online.
i think this is how firebase works…

thanks for the step 1 information, im 90% satisfied for your answer, and i want more, bcause when i tried in a test, i dont trace something or not in my observation, i see any function, maybe it was done by the already it’s either my app or firebase. Hope anyone can share more

try with this:->
1: changed value(hello) of tag(name) from firebase manually like name = ‘hello’ and on data changed block set if get tag is equal to name then alert (get value) you will be alert with changes.
2: On screen initialize or anywhere use Go Offline block and do same process you will get clarification.
I hope i explain well.