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If I’m not too pushy, I can ask for the steps needed to use the Tiny_Web_DB. I’m trying but the default server (“”) reports an error. Thanks
Germano prof. Maniscalco

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Tiny WebDB is offline see Host your own

I’m following the procedure he advised me. I stopped at loading data:

  1. FTP Username,
  2. Hostnames,
  3. FTP Password,
    with FileZilla because, while you were trying to download the same FileZilla to upload the 3 data, the system warned me that it had blocked the download of the same FileZilla because it was recognized as dangerous.
    What should I do ?

I’ve been using FileZilla for many years without problems

you can use any FTP Client…
try WinScp


Thanks for the support. So I used “FileZilla”,
I followed the guide, which she kindly provided, but I had difficulty.

  1. as in the image “Help_1”, it does not recognize my host and, in red, it writes “The host name does not match the certificate”;
  2. as shown in the image “Help_3”, I did not find the file in the zip file
    “database.txt” but the “database.json” file;
  3. I set this file “database.json” as shown in the image “Help_2”, I had to do the same for the other 3: “.htaccess”, “getvalue.php” and “storeavalue.php”?;
  4. while not reporting errors with “Web Service Error”, it DOES NOT execute “Store” and “Get”.
    Hoping I haven’t bothered you with 4 questions, but they are the most important and with pictures I think I made it easier to understand my remote data management problems with Tiny_Web_DB in Kodular.
    Thank you again.
    Germano Maniscalco … always from Sicily

I believe Tiny_Web_DB is working now. One thing I don’t understand about the code, which I report in the image, in “When Tiny_Web_DB1. Got Value” I do set a global variable (“global vincitore”). I expect it to take the value stored remotely, instead this is only valid inside the “When Tiny_Web_DB1 Got Value”, the rest of the App code does NOT have any valid value stored in the global variable (“vincitore”). Is that so?

Move set label text to when tiny webDB get value

One-click deploy solution is available here: GitHub - pavi2410/TinyWebDB: TinyWebDB service for Kodular, built with Flask, written in Python

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Use este servidor = >