User App + Admin App + Delivery Boy App (SALE)

What apps are included?
1 Customer App
2 Delivery Boy App
3 Admin App

Customer App Features

  • Buy Products
  • Add to Cart
  • Live Gps Track Order
  • Get Notification for Order Status
  • Top Up Wallet
  • Cancel Order
  • Transactions
  • Search
  • & More

Delivery Boy App Features

  • Change their Status (On Duty/Off Duty)
  • Accept Order / Reject Order
  • Change Status of Order
  • Live Gps (pickup & drop location)
  • Get money in wallet after completing order

Admin App Features

  • Add/Edit/Delete Category
  • Add/Delete Notification
  • Add/Edit/Delete Product
  • Order History
  • Change Settings
  • & More

Note- For backend MySql is used. So, its very fast.

Screenshots of Customer App

Screenshot of Admin App

Screenshot of Delivery Boy App

Want to buy (Contact me) - Send a PM


Looks good!
Clean UI


I removed your personal info. Just ask for a PM.

Where is the test app link

ok, no issues.

The test apk is not available as app is not connected to serer at this moment.

how to buy?

In which country do you live?

I want to purchase . Please contact

what is the price for brazil?

Price - $30
Pm me if interested

very good demo please

I would like to buy give me the contact details please

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Quero comprar

how to buy