User Count Today (or this month, this year)

Hi everyone, I want to create code to count the number of user, could you help me?
–Thank you!!–

Elaborate what you want to exactly do.

Could u guide me, i don’t know how to start. I have seen Kiwano’s video on youtube, he paste AIA download link but it ended. Thank you!!

Can you explain what you want to do exactly, no one can understand what are you trying to say in two lines.

You need an Online Database like Firebase or Google Spreadsheet, etc… to achieve what you want.

could you guide me? help me I dunno how to start

Just upload to playstore and it will report users count. Easy solution for you. Or just database and auth

hmm, i mean that i could checking the number of users opened app today :confused:

Use one signal. It provides detailed analytics of your app. Number of active users, sessions with their device details etc.

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The number of users would be shown in app if I opened app. Using it, OneSignal :question:

No, all the details you can see on your one signal account, not in app.

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Fact that…I dunno create codes, just very basic, I help my friend :)))

thank you too!

than assign a unique ID to each of your users and use a dabase to store user ID and app opened date, that way you can find out how much user used your app on any date. you can filter out duplicates also for betterment