Users on Android 12 or higher see two splash screens - Playstore open testing alert

While testing with Playstore, the report shows this alert:

The crawler detected a blank screen or splash screen that is shown in your app before the system splash screen. Users launching your app on Android 12 or higher will see two splash screens. To fix this issue, update your app to use the SplashScreen API.

The screen video recorded by Playstore shows this flash before my Screen1.

What can I do to resolve this?

I have tried disabling the option for flash screen in my app.

The alert page on Playstore also gives this link for more information, but it is too technical for me.

Yes this is done by default on android 12+

Are you using your screen1 as a splash screen, if so then you have to remove it…

But Screen1 is by default shown first? Isn’t it? I guess you mean the option in the Settings. I will try again without using the Splash option and share the result.

I meant that if you are using some content on screen1 that replicate splash, then you should remove it (content not the screen1)…

Since this is to technical for you the above is your only solution

On Screen1, I connect and download Airtable data. During the fetch process, I display a logo and progress and then switch to the home screen. So it is like a flash screen.

I wonder if the above is a good practice… should I fetch data on the home page itself, and the flash screen will continue to show until the data is fetched? I am not sure. I thought the data fetch process will take time, so I use Screen1 for this purpose with the logo display.