Using device tools to verify accounts

I want to make a device Id verfiyer for my login system with using airtable to store device I’d and getting value to verify I need only blocks for it only please help!!

Show what you tried

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My idea is to used airtable form in web viewer components and a separate button down the web viewer components for taking device Id and when the button is clicked the device Id value will get store in airtable form
Next time when the app is opened the device od will checked and if it is there it will open a other screen

this is what I have tried when I run my app the progress bar kept just login

Ok, I think I got it.
Tell me one thing, when you uploading Device ID to airtable was it successfully recorded?

If yes, then it’s simple…there are 2 ways to implement it.

  1. With TinyDB: On successful uploading of data(Device ID) to airtable you may use TinyDB to store some value with a Tag (DeviceID). Now next time when the app opens check that if the value of the respective is blank or not. If blank, it will open Screen of your registration page, else if that value was stored go directly to the desired screen.

  2. With Airtable: When App starts call the column where device ID of users are stored. When column got, check with “is in list?” block or alternatively you may use “contains text pieces” block at text category. For “contains text” block set values to “contains text” socket and the device ID to the pieces socket. If the device ID of the device (as Piece) matches with the values take user to desired screen or else if its not there take them to registration page. For “is in list?” Block use some string variable to store the device ID first and check if the variable was in the device column values.

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You can use Taifun TM5 extension for device id .But please request permission to make the extension work…