Using Dynamic card view on three screen, however cardview is displayed only on screen which is opened first

Used this code on three screens. It displays images on the screen whichever I open first and not on other screens.

You must provide more details in order to get help. Do you use different screens or virtual ones (by hiding arrangements ) ? Global image list is the same in all screens ? Where are the images stores ? …

This is a Multi screen app with about 7 screens. I used dynamic card view same code on three screens with different set of images list. Some images are loaded to assets while others load directly from my website. Individually, they work well but if I try open the second screen after opening the first screen (which shows images well) then second screen will show blank (no images despite some images already in the assets). I also want to mention that I copied screen2 and screen3 from screen 1 because their design is same only they need to show different images. Will this problem get solved if I use virtual screens?

What i suggest you is, first try to get any one image from the global list except screen1… if it appears then you will get helped by others… do not use complex blocks. just in the screen initialize it self define the blocks and try to get

Correct me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t it be possible to reuse the screen then? Just delete the dynamic cards and create new ones from a dfferent data set…?

Now I am trying with a virtual screen. loading two virtual screens perfectly with a different set of images as clear in images. Pictures are loading perfectly.
But finding difficulty in using Dynamic_Card_View_Click button to use with different image sets.

better share your aia… or try to do what we suggest to you in earlier post

Found the Solution myself with some hint from community posts. We can use Label to define each set of pictures. I have added the picture for your reference. Thanks for help.