Using dynamic labels for notepad app

Hello developers,

I’m developing a notepad app but am having trouble being able to save multiple notes using dynamic labels. Heres a basic rundown of what I want. When the user opens the app they will log in and after they log in they will go to the main menu where a fresh note will be available. Once the user types there note and is done, whether they open another screen or exit the app, I want the app to save the note to another screen. This is simple to do if there are 1 or 2 notes but is it possible to do it for unlimited notes?

  • I’ve tried doing saving notes to a tiny database but can only do so much. (I’ve tried about 20)
  • I’ve tried doing saving notes to tabs but isn’t efficient and not appealing to people. (based on surveys)

The final thing I’ve tried is dynamic labels and so every time a person would leave the app or switch screens, my “Backup & Restore” screen on initialization would create a dynamic label and save the data saved on the note screen. But I’m lost when trying to do more than 1 note to save. I’m providing some screenshots below.

This the screen where people will take their notes

  • In this picture, you’ll see the backup and restore option where if you click on it it will save the data. ( I did this just so I can show you as an example. )

Picture of Next screen

  • This picture is showing the “backup and restore” screen where the Dynamic Label1 is getting the value stored and is appearing on the screen. I’ve proven this works but, If I want to create more then 1 note how would I do this??
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you have to use it with a list, make a list of your text, and use for each number, 1 to 1 by length of list (your list) create label id (get number of each number block) and text select item of list (your list) index, get number (number of each number block)

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Hello and thank you for the help and advice. So to be honest im more confused then ever but I decided to make a new project and try to understand from scratch. As to give an example, based on what I got from your post this is what I need so far correct??

  • I made a list from 1 to 5
  • On-screen initialization create a label
  • Do i need to make a global variable so I can do the “get a number” function?


Please guide me as Im kinda lost but im up for the challenge!!! Thanks



I was also thinking connecting the make a list block to a global variable and naming the variable “TextAmount”. Then it would allow me todo the “get number” function. Let me know what you think about that.

just try it like this,

blocks - 2020-01-06T094832.978

blocks - 2020-01-06T094835.604


I’ll try it and get back to you shortly :+1:t4::+1:t4:

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