Using Linear Progress Dialog

i have a problem whth blokes f linear progress
dont show any progeess
linear.aia (1.7 KB)

i need a solotion fast i wait long time if there is no solotion just tell me

What are you trying to do, download?


i try to dowlond 1 fille pdf

Then you should show us the rest of the blocks that you use to download the file as the linear progress won’t increase by it self.


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You already asked this 3 days ago. Don’t open new topics with the same question. I unlisted the other one.


but no one give me a solotion so i try to open onther topic soory
i will show u the blokes

Drag a clock to your project, you can choose with how many time to timeInterval, but enable AlwaysFires.
After, add these blocks

When Clock1. Timer
call notifier1. UpdateProgress 1

And add these blocks to your existing blocks:

To when web1.GotFile
Set Clock1.TimerEnabled to false

To when
Set Clock1.TimerEnabled to true.


Thank you
you are the best
Note only
Tell me if this is a correct block

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random integer from min 1 to max 100


random integer from 1 to 100

Both are the same thing.


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I want to have upward numbers
like 1 . 10. 19 . …100

Strange that you want to use it like that because it will give you random numbers…

10, 50, 25, 5, 99

one way to do it



It’s work
thank you all
u are the best

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