Using LIST VIEW and INAPP PDF VIEWER extension

Please tell me… how to use List View and InAPP Pdf Viewer.

i upload some pdf file in app only…

when i click No.1 in List View it will PDF. and same for all…

any one please reply

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connection between inapp pdf viewer and list viewer

please any one…

where are your pdf files? in assets?

yes…my pdf files are in assets…is there any way?

yes you can use, pdf load from assets,

is it possible with list view and inapp pdf viewer…
when i click 1 in list viewer and wants to open pdf froms assets with the help of inapp pdf viewer…

please help me in blocks section

Just try something


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well I know how to use PDF Viewer…But the problem is how to combine with ListView and InApp Pdf viewer extension

Well, first create list of your files then you go and read this List View - Kodular Docs

Specifically this

I didn’t find my answer…can you please help me further

and i dont understand what do you mean by combine?

when I click on ListView I need to open Pdf using I app pdf viewer extension

just i can see a list?////

are you want to make(when listview click, open pdf no 1)?

This works.

The result:

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yes…using Pdf viewer extension…

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Try what I put that works well

The blocks can also go like this, depending on whether you put only numbers or the name of the file in the ListView:


ok i will give you blocks wait, you can try also @pepocero blocks, but i have shorter one for a long list,

and if you want file name instead of 1,2,3 then use this block where i have used get number,

blocks - 2020-02-25T172651.711


He will never learn :upside_down_face:


:slightly_smiling_face: little confused!!

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