Using OpenWeatherMaps API | Make your Weather Application

Here is new tutorial on how to use OpenWeatherMaps Api to get the weather data in JSON format.

Here is the link for the complete tutorial :

Download Test Application ( Made with :kodular: )

Click here

Aia file is in the website

Cheers !

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how to get this in normal format can u please help me i know nothing about json

Use the JSON Utils Extension made by Luke.

Which I used in the above application too.
Check the aia.

Here is the link to Extension

thanks a lot i got it.

Well we can also use JSON Text Decode block to convert JSON data into List and use it easily in our project.

Any problem in this method?

Could you please explain how and where we should API key of any application?

You have to check the API documentation for particular API to use it.

Your link for the full tutorial doesn’t work.