Using Same arrangement on all pages

could you guys implement an option to use the same vertical arrangement (or scroll) on all pages while using view pager component ? It will help us reduce the number components & still get a swipeable page setup.
eg: suppose we have a lot of buttons in page 1 & when page 2 is selected we could just change the label on all the buttons on page 1 & assign different activities to each button (which may make it look like a new page). It will help t reduce the app size & may reduce RAM consumption.

What if you register the same arrangement for each page? Isn’t it possible?

how ?
I didnt get you.

He mean to say that you change the text of each button using blocks. And to assign different functions you can use if condition and compare the text of the button to perform different tasks

But that method wont work with view pager component.

No, that’s not what I said. Just try to register the same arrangament for each page.
Add component1 as page1
Add component1 as page2
Add component1 as page3

I did… but it didnt work…

How does the app behave in this way?

I can only see a white screen when I swipe…

Buttons can be an alternative solutioninstead of View Pager, you can put them into a scrollable arrangament and change their colour.

But whats the point ? I cant use the same buttons in all pages (can’t make them swipeable).