Using SnackBar Component and Its Uses

Guide Tutorial For Makeroid SnackBar Component

What It Do?

Its Just Appear a small Notifier like thing that stick to bottom of the app for few seconds and then disappear.

How its helpful and Where it can be used?

It’s a Cool Component that can used in Web Browser to make your Web Browser look Professional Like Chrome Browser. to see what it does than see the full Tutorial. :wink:

Adding Snackbar in Your App

Interface and blocks:

Here i have created two buttons to show you snack bar one with button and another Without button.

this is the sample simple interface :point_down:

Now Adding Blocks If the SnackBar Clicked:

Here’s What i have added

Let’s See what its look like :

When Button1 Mean how Snackbar with Button Clicked then:

see at bottom :point_down:

(Upper screenshot had already lable text changed as the screeenshot i had taken without clicking snackbar came blank so i had to take another screenshot again!)

When Snackbar clicked:

See lable text

When Button2 Clikced that is of Show Simple SnackBar:

Tutorial Video:

Hope guys you get a idea about the New SnackBar component By Makeroid
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