Using WebViews to replace Kodular UI Components?

Hello Koders, lately i’ve been working on some apps and having a hard time with UI you know… issues we all had like responsiveness across devices, complexity in creating good looking interfaces, lagging when loading and rendering too much data, using a lot of extensions to get a desired result.

So i’ve been experimenting on using webviews to make the UI and using Kodular components to work on the logic.

For example. I needed to create a Login/Register Screen with Firebase Auth and of course a nice UI so i used bootstrap to create the form and Sweet alert to show dialogs wrapped in a web viewer, but all the logic was in Kodular blocks interacting with the webviewer to perform certain actions.

This is not new, some extensions use webviews to display pdf viewers, i even got my own extension for tables that uses a webview: DataTables

But for creating 100% of the views and not using Kodular components. What do you think?

Have you used this method for your apps UI?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Only with extensions

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What impact in performance do you think could result in using this method ?

  • Better performance
  • Worst performance
  • Same performace

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Do you consider it would be easier or harder to do changes in future in code?

  • Easier
  • Harder
  • Same

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