USSD Call - Can only use lower 16 bits for requestCode

Hello everyone,

I have problem with my app, I think I did not face this problem some times ago.
I have an object that if clicked then it will dial an USSD directly from the app so it does not need to open the dialer (unlike the android.intent.action.DIAL and the tel:01234) but I got an error.

Here is the error I got:

These are my blocks

I have browsed the community but it does not seem that I find the solution yet.

If you have the solution, please kindly share it with me.
Thank you!

Oh, anyway, the kodeVC.Text is filled with a number by the users, specifically, it is a voucher number (often 16 digits numeric only)

Same issue. My caller app used to work but it doesn’t work now

If I do not forget, mine also works too in prior time. It successfully dial the number directly from the app without having to open the Dialer. Nevertheless, it does not work anymore for now.

You haven’t looked hard enough :upside_down_face:


thank you!!!

@Sidiq_Pangestu hello dear.
I am facing the same issue. I want to make a button which directly dial USSD code. So is this button possible please help me.
IF yours work now… Please share screenshots. thanks.

You have to use @Boban’s extension to fix this issue

It would be great, if @Boban could reveal the difference to the phone call component


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Finally I have successfully Imported the extension and its working now. thanks to you all for your help. I want to say one thing which is very important for all. Please When you import the extension after that export your apk file then check it on your smart phone because, if you directly checking on companion app it show error and that error is the CALL_PHONE permission error.

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Not too different from the original except that it works as it should and BATexting extension has an extra block so you can specify your own toast message as default is only Message sent

another of the many things that don’t work in kodular and you have to fix them with patches/extensions, but of course they charge you to use extensions

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