While using texting component Runtime Error: can only use lower 16 bits for request code

While try to send sms using texting component it shows this error

Try with activity starter

Activity starter is not working the same with texting component, what i need is to send message directly

Try this PhoneCallAndSMS.apk (5.2 MB)


it works Thank you so much for your support but it is apk how can i use this?

I might offer you this com.baasapps.BATexting.v2.aix (44.8 KB)

Version 2 fixes this as well FLAG_IMMUTABLE

Old version

com.baasapps.BATexting.aix (43.6 KB)

P.S. It’s a direct copy of MIT texting component with one extra addition.


@Boban this extension doesn’t work for make call
same error here not solved

Do you mean extension in previous post, if so then it’s only for texting…

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But you might want to try this one for calling


Thanks Problem solved

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Hi @Boban,
could you please explain the issue “can only use lower 16 bits for request code” more in detail?
Is the Texting and PhoneCall component of Kodular not working anymore and in Kodular we have to use the updated Texting and PhoneCall component from MIT App Inventor as extension now?
And what is this “extra addition”?


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This component is to take the user to another place for messaging, what if I want to continue sending text messages within the app? Because I tried the aix and found that he doesn’t send messages directly from the app, and when I send messages to the phone from another place, I can’t monitor the content of the messages

what is this com.baasapps.BAPhoneCall.aix even its not opening. its only an empty screen.

@Boban created that extension

Are you familiar with importing extensions?

No I am very new here.

as we have seen meanwhile, you succeeded