Send SMS issue!

What happens with the sending of SMS? it still does not work!

Please explain yourself. Your question is not clear.

What are you saying about? Explain this stuff…

I created an app that has to send SMS messages from sim card, I tried them all and it gives me the error: “Runtime Error: can only use lower 16 bits for request code”, I tried all the solutions of the forum, but nothing . also now it gives me the error “IOError: unableto create GvHelper” I think because I tried to install google voice, I can’t go forward. can you help me please?

Read this

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Thank you for replying, but I tried them, unfortunately they don’t work
IO Error: Unable to create GvHelper

When you get the error? Post a screenshot of your blocks

I accidentally ticked “Google voice enabled” to try to solve the problem I said before, and from that moment it appears to me, I searched for google voice but it is not supported in my country and I don’t have it installed

Remove Kodular’s texting component if you use it, add extension provided here While using texting component Runtime Error: can only use lower 16 bits for request code - #6 by Boban, disable Google Voice Enabled, refresh browser and see if it works

the problem is of my tablet of 2016 … I tried with an updated android and it works … why?

Does this tablet has phone and texting service in order to send messages with this texting component ?

it has a sim card module

It may have a sim module but does it have an active subscription to a provider ?

has my phone card with unlimited sms, why does it give me IO Error? since i clicked on google voice, what happened?

Uncheck google voice, Texting - Kodular Docs

despite having removed the check it still gave me the same error, so I deactivated the “Googlo voice” block even if it is not enabled and the error does not give it anymore … now the problem remains that it does not send SMS :frowning:

Are you using the extension ?


(where “my number” is my real phonenumber)

I took the error it generates and it says: “The permission SEND_SMS has been denied. please enable it in the settings app”

It will only work as APK and not in Companion

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