Having Error With Texting and Phone Call Components

Hello community !

I’m making a SOS app for women. At first the user with input their name, 3 phone numbers and 3 emails,after that they will be redirected to the home screen. In the home screen I placed a circle red button. If the user click that button, their prefered phone number and email will get warning message along with the user current location cordinates.

I think I have done everything correctly but I am facing some errors. Like

  1. If the user is new at first they should see the user info page to input their numbers and emails but, the app is redirecting new user to the main page.

  2. If a user click click the SOS button this error is showing, I don’t know the exact issue behind it.

Here is the bloocks of the userinfo screen.

And this is the main screen blocks

Please help me to solve this issue

@Anu10 can I PM you?