Why there is a runtime error? FLAG_IMMUTABLE

I built an application that can be used to send an SMS message, but when I try to send it, it shows me this error

These are my blocks

Why there is a runtime error?

Something has not been upgraded to SDK31… you could have found that answer yourself after doing a search in the community…

Are you using extensions? Whicb ones?

The texting component itself has an error…

Try this extension instead

That’s true however even MIT has the same problem with texting component.


Notification component is also having the same problem

Je vous remercie pour votre extension v2, fonctionne très bien pour envoyer des SMS ( Android 11,12, 13 en mode direct, par contre je n’arrive pas à récupérer les messages après une réception.

I thank you for your extension v2, works very well to send SMS ( Android 11,12, 13 in direct mode, however I can not retrieve the messages after a reception.

Not quite sure what you mean, do you have any blocks that shows what you are trying to do

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Is there any way to hide this error for now?

Sure, don’t use SendMessageDirect

Btw, are we talking about build in component or extensin


I’m not using SendMessageDirect …

H/V arrangements, ListView Image and Text, Spacer, CardView, Label and above listed non-visible components…

If so, then it’s not related to Texting component but if I’m not mistaken

in your case I have no clue which component is doing this

I think probably the Custom Tabs is causing the error. Since my other apps with same components and extensions are doing well. Pavi is working on a fix means it will be fixed on next release.

Nice work, but i cant received SMS, i have setting Allways, but not received via app notjing…


Thank you for reply. Because i not found answer, i wrote my question here. After latest upgrade Fenix all my apps with Texting crashed, because Texting component not work. I found another, but cant received SMS. Sorry, in next time iwill not write here nothhing for prevent ban for me. Thank you and sorry.

please provide more information here After update Kodular i cant use Texting component for app crash