V1.0.5 Exoplayer for AppInventor | Play media with Google's Exoplayer

Did you get this in companion during live testing ?

If so then try in compiled apk.

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Its work for me

Support for YouTube?

This is for DRM purpose

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hello :d
when i imported the your exo ui and exo core then gone to block i found that there isn’t a block called
"add media path+ subtitle " in kodular , but in app inventor it’s there , could u please take a look at it at kodular
and about screen change i hope u make it like Plyr extention
in plyr extention we can click full screen it display full screen whatever the player on small horizontal or vertical arrangement
or if you could provide an aia file on kodular it will be good, because when i imported your aia the blocks doesn’t load :
thanks in advance <3

There are some changes in the new version you can use it like this :

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How to run exo player in vertical arrangement ? Could u provide blocks pls and if I’m gonna go full screen :slightly_smiling_face:

please try to add a intialize block like that to make it easy to use.

Can I get the AiX extension

Why don’t you just download it from the first post?

Can i use google drvie video link with that aix

If you haven’t noticed, their attitude and pressure to the developer is very suspicious, what makes me think and I think is that the safest thing is that they are using the video player to profit, without paying a developer to make the changes totally free, and surely you are posting what your client is asking for, or who is developing the app … that’s my opinion. I’m doing my personal streaming project, and I come here every day, to read and learn from you, I try, I’m wrong, I try, I learn, but never get my work done.


Working but why it is showing runtime error

Blocks :-

This error is not coming from exoplayer. It is from dynamic components.

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Ok by mistake I set wrong id in label

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I only found out about this extension now. I am amazed. Keep up the good work. I will make a donation when I get some money in my paypal. Pls send me your paypal inbox

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Plase show aia file

You can download it from the link in the first post.

In future please read things instead of spamming.

Pls Help Me
My Exo Player Not Play
Exo_Player.aia (1.9 MB)

pls Help