V1.2.2 Bee Merger my first App

Wow big thanks @Mika
yes next update will format honey per sec also to k and m
for the back press should i use the implemented screen block screen.backpressed ?
@mika you can also change the language of the game to EN by going to settings (this button B_settings )
and press on the flag

p.s i need information from users with different languages then en or de as device languages if the update worked ? the game should just show in english.

you can help me translate the game (just dm me)

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i also try to implement a gui that will say you what you must do and where the shop is
this will may be implemented with the new fab and spotlight update

Yeah use that.
Store the state in a value (if the dialog is visible), if visible then close on back press, else close game or something like that.

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By the way, after the app is finished, you should publish it to the google play store too.
Iam sure some people will like it.
The idea is simple and that makes a good game.

yeah i didnt thought you would like this so much because it is so simple but i first want it to get out almost “all” bugs

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You can test this by yourself if you change your device language.

You can use RedPanda’s l18n (Localization) Extension and JSON file for translations.

im using @collintree syslang extension and a json file ;D


  • Magnet now starts at 20sec

  • seconds to spawn bee automatic also starts at 20sec now

  • fixed bug, when the player pressed settings a bee lvl 9 would spawn

  • added k and m format to HPS

  • added bee 13,14 to shop

  • for the next things bug thanks to @Mika

    • Shop looks now more clean(all buttons, bees now in same position)
    • little bit of reargement in the settings menu
  • thanks to @yusufcihan, we now can add Turkish to the supported languages

    • will may be diplayed false(try to fix this in future)
    • will also add it to settings menu(tomorrow)

if you want to restart the game you can still click the share button under settings


I mean for checking language. :sweat_smile:

There is a little bug now.
The width of the scroll layout of the bees is not longer fill parent.

If I have not enough money and want to buy upgrade for bee 13 or 14 I got a runtime error.

should be ? did you get a screenshot?

Current not. Iam mobile online

But if you have enough honey it will buy it with no problem ?

But with enough I got a runtime error.
Maybe you should check what happens when I try to buy the upgrade.


i would recommend to restart you progress (press the share button under settings)

  • fixed bug where bee 13,14 wasnt buyable (thanks @Mika)

  • added tr flag to settings menu

  • added a new turkish version (thanks @yusufcihan)

  • you can now upgrade the bee level upgrade to a max of 10

  • added a bew bee : Bee_21

    • it will be bee 21 to 25
  • added statistic button to settings (does nothing at the moment)

  • edited main post

p.s fun fact: it would take you 33.554.432 level 1 bees to make a level 25 bee

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The layout uses not full screen width.

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BIG Update

Highly recommended to restart your game (press the share button under settings)

  • removed bee Bee_11 (didnt fit the style anymore)

  • added new bee Bee_6

    • Bee evolution now goes from Bee_1 :arrow_right:Bee_6:arrow_right:Bee_1 :arrow_right:Bee_16 :arrow_right:Bee_21
  • added a bear Bear(inspired by @Mika)

    • he will spawn every 2 to 5 min (random)
    • he will steal 25% of you current honey if you dont defeat him
    • you can defeat him by clicking on him, this will give you plus 15% of your current honey
  • added Mega Magnet Magnet_progress

    • the Mega Magnet is the new ProgressBar in the top menu
    • you load up your Mega Magnet by just merging your bees(normal magnet will also count)
    • if you Mega Magnet is loaded up you can click on it and it will Megre all your bees


  • updated Version numbers (x.y.z) z = small changes and bugfixes
    y = Big Updates (like the last one), x = remaked the hole code(or relooked the hole code)
    (the new version is now 1.2.1)
  • Bee Bee_6 is now a little bit smaller
  • Upgardes for Magnet, Bee per sec and Bee level are now more expensive
  • fixed some bugs with the Bear


  • fixed bug where the player couldnt see the bear(wrong picture set)
  • fixed bug when the player got 500 Honey for the first time and spotlight would show
    • this was acctually a feature but just in testing (comes with next update)
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