V1.2.2 Bee Merger my first App

today i wanna show of my work from the last 3-6 weeks.
At the start a big thanks to @Mika who helped me alot with my questions on this forum.

Bee Merger

its really simple game

every 15sec a bee will get spawned somelike this hereBee_1

just try to merge your bee to get better ones

you can also buy urself bees, but first you must unlock them

The Bee evolution Bee_1 :arrow_right:Bee_6:arrow_right: Bee_1 :arrow_right:Bee_16 :arrow_right:Bee_21

there is an extra shop if you click on this icon Shop_upgrade_hub

click the bee button to get back to the bee shop and the x button to go back to your bees

in extra shop you can buy

  • Magnet, it will merge two bee automatically every 15 sec, if it cant find any bees to merge it will reactivate after 2 sec. You can upgrade at max it only takes 5 sec. There will appear a FAB with a animations that indicates that

  • Bee spawn upgrade, at the start bees will spawn every 15 sec you can upgrade it to a max of 5 sec

  • Bee level upgrade, at the start automatically spawned bees will have level 1 you can upgrade that of to a max of 5 (next update will increase that)


  • at the top right corner you have the “settings” button B_settings
    • here you can change language (contact me via DM if you can help translate)
      • Languages supported :
    • and also find some thanks and copyrights

I will weekly or even daily update i have some good ideas
Keep in mind the next updates will reset your hole progress

if you find any bugs or something you think isnt right
have some ideas for features
wanna help translate
just post here or contact me via DM

Makeroid Store :store:


Font name? I’ve seen it in a game called Egg, Inc. before.

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I like that game.


the font name is Frente-h1



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  • fixed bug where player got 5Mil honey each sec
  • fixed bug where shop didnt worked right

Little bug:

Check the font to buy bee 12

@Marggx I think it wasn’t supposed to reach Bee 16 :sweat_smile:

EDIT: You should adjust better the values, as it’s really easy to reach Bee 17 after bee 16, as well as next ones


Hahahaha thank you in the next update I will add another bee, the magnet and the other upgrades worked as supposed ? And did ,our got any spelling mistakes or something, and thx for the shop bug with bee 12

Ps. Thanks for testing :+1:

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  • added a new bee the evolution now goes from Bee_1 :arrow_right:Bee_1 :arrow_right:Bee_11 :arrow_right:Bee_16
  • fixed bug Bee12 button font, thx @Diego
  • edited main post
  • you can resett your progress with the share button under settings (for now)
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Another bug catched (on previous version)

I’ve reached Bee 17 but now I only can buy Bee 1


Someone is having a nice time playing the game :smile:


Thx again for testing, did you closed the game and then the other bees aren’t showing anymore or do you just play like normal ? Sometimes the score that gets which level your highest bee is is resetting himself(got that bug too) but I didn’t know why try to find the bug today

Playing first time and I’m getting this:

Android 6.0.1
Samsung Grand Prime+


Ups yeah it’s because you system language isn’t en or de I will fix it, in 2 hours it should be fixed

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  • fixed bug where shop didnt show right if you have bee 15 or higher (thanks to @Diego)
  • fixed bug where app crashed when language wasnt EN or DE (thanks to @yusufcihan)

Yeah, that game is really cool :sweat_smile:


thanks @Diego :+1: that means much to me

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@Diego how you feel about the design ? and suggsetions? the notifier are big thats because the notifier always gets width max without have large things in it? how do you feel about the admob banner is it okay so ?

  • Can you make that the dialog can be closed with the backpress button?
  • “Honig pro Sekunde” is always like 40000 and not like 40.000 or just simple 40.0k

By the way, it is the best game I know that is done with makeroid.
Should be not bad to other developers, but this was one of the first games I ever installed made by our builder :smiley: