Validate textbox empty

Greetings to all and above all I wish you success. My question is if there is any way to validate the textboxes by list or in quantities.

I have many textboxes to validate before sending with a single button and if I use the block that works, the block would be too long

I leave you a sample

I hope someone can help me with the solution… thanks

right click onto the and block and select External Inputs
btw. there also is a block in the text drawer called is empty you could use that to check, if a textbox is empty…

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oops or I’m blind or I don’t know how to search I didn’t find any of your suggestions in the textbox menu, I right-clicked the block and searched in the menu and I didn’t see “is empty” or external inputs… I’m sorry that’s such a thing obvious but I’ll ask you to please show me the blocks and excuse me Taifun…

edit: found is an empty block… but no external inputs found

in block area, not in the drawer, right click on block, choose external input.

I’m sorry, I do what you say and the external inputs don’t appear… I don’t see them neither by right-clicking in the block area nor the textbox block, it doesn’t come out… sorry

I’m not an advanced programmer in kodular I’m still a novice sorry

You are trying somewhere else.

Pls do right click in mouse near the mutator of and logic block… Near the setting button like

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I’m sorry, but I don’t understand which block I had to right-click… I’m just learning to validate and I’m doing trial and error tests, I’m still lost with many functions, and I didn’t know what they meant by that block in specific… thanks for taking the trouble

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I leave my solution here in case someone helps in the future …

Thank you for your answers.

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