Valueless Response

Kodular devolopers devoloper a new earning source. But after updating Draco 3.B, near about 300 app devoloper comment same issue. The issue is that admob ads are not showing properly, if some case it shows but takes 30 seconds delay. I notice many app developers comments on this, but there is no positive response from kodular devoloper.
I request to fix this issue as they tyied it on appybuilder with same admob ad unit I’d. It works perfectly.

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Like what? Earning apps?

I don’t know if this will that but you may try:

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There is no need to create 1000topics about the same problem.
We look into it


I have also same issue. I tried on appybuilder with same ad unit id, it works fine on appybuilder. So, I am sure that it is a major bug which kodular should fix it because nobody work without admobe. My lots of followers have also same issue.

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We dont need more topics about the same problem!