Values not saved at tiny DB using spinner

i try to save by using Tiny DB and spinner it works fine while i using Companion but when i built the app the values didnt save


I have stored all my data in one tag for tiny DB in a list, and when i need to get the data i get the list and use Select Item in list, for me this is working both companion and APK:

And i think you need to change this:

thanks for your reply , i did your suggestion but it didnt work

If you want, you can share your AIA here so we can try to solve your problem, and try to make a buttom for erase a data in tiny db and test if it will work

Where are you getting the data of tiny db?

Do this

blocks - 2020-12-31T174555.238

Better than this

i did your suggestion and it didnt work

selectionSpinner.aia (3.3 KB)
i made simple aia file represent the problem

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Recorded with BlueStacks.
For me its working fine, i just changed the value that tiny db return when dont have data in it. Both companion and apk is working fine for me

selectionSpinnerUpdated3.aia (4.4 KB)

if you make twice refresh the data delete

For me this error is not happening

I have updated the aia @chaboyal check this

Thanks for your help, your updated aia works fine if I ignore this warning

Strange, the update that i upload should clear this error, but this error is happening because i dont put a list in “value if tag not there”, but this errors you will have to fix, if your problem is solved, please mark a post as solution.

You are selecting item no 1 of tinydb all tags list

I open my sample aia with MIT and it works fine without any bugs, why that happen in Kodular

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This is very strange, for me its working very fine with no problem, i suggest you to try in another phone or in android emulator.

I tested on Sansung s9 and Samsung A10 same output

i changed into 0 but it didnt save the values

spinn2 spinnerSave

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