Variable Blocks Are Gone

I don’t know how it happened or why, but none of my variable blocks are showing in the blocks view.

The bug is effecting all of my projects and persists even after logging in/out (and closing browser, clearing browser data, reboot).

The variables show in the dropdown menu when you interact with a variable block, but the side panel is showing nothing except the defaults.

What should I do to resolve this? Anyone else having this issue?

This is the normal behavior , only in procedures you can see the procedures that you have created




The procedures are fine, but it is the variables that are no longer available on the blocks panel.

you can get those by typing get global here :point_down:


or by selecting from here


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Oh, good idea, but that is only avoiding the problem.

It seems to be happening account-wide and not specific projects (even demo projects). It was working all day yesterday, up until 1-2 hours before I posted.

Both typing and by selecting from dropdown are working.

@DarkComet You seems to be confused, as already stated…


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Variables, not procedures…

There should not be any created variables and it has never been there either.



Oh my gosh… lol. I apparently lost my mind. Thank you. Now I understand why no one was understanding my problem. :sweat_smile: :rofl:

Can I delete this entire post? lol. I apparently stayed up WAY to late last night…

Thank you everyone who helped, even if my question was apparently dumb from the beginning…

No worries this can happen to all of us sometimes, although my first thought was if you used another builder but I checked that and wasn’t the case…

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