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Hello community. I come to you to ask for help. I created a mobile application with kodular. this application should normally allow verification when scanning a QR code. after the scan, the application must display the NAME, the PRICE, the STOCK, the PHOTO of the good and the AMORTIZATION VALUE which is found in the database google sheet. In the QR Code we have the ID. But when I scan I have this error:

My blocks are there:

blocks (9)

Here is my App Script code:

Please help me

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Maybe , Check your Response Content The error message says that you want to select ( Select item block ) index 2 from a list with length 0 ( empty… ?)

“user not fund” != " user not fund "

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Exactly. I just don’t understand why it does that. do you have any trick i could use in my blocks or in my script please?

In your block , check It :point_up:

You can use a variable to receive the response content and show it in 1 label… text box… show notifier…

Ask the same question yourself and test …

Why tinydb tag mismatching?

How did you scan?l, by a button click or some how?

Without using web.get block how can you get text output?

Have you get enough knowledge on How to send details to gsheet?

I am new to learning Kodular. i can send you my aia maybe you can see the error better. Help me please.

philaGestion_copy.aia (3.4 MB)

Did you enable the sheet atleast viewer option?

While using the app, if your sheet says like this nothing will work… You should not use it as Private sheet (if you wanna use private sheet mode then read this guide


as per your block you need to follow this guide

Thank you very much for your answer. Otherwise send the data to a google sheet database I have already managed to do so. but what I’m looking for is that after scanning the QR code, the information is displayed on the screen of the application. if the ID is not in the database, the application returns a message that this ID is not in the database. and if you open my sent project, you will see the CHECK button which launches the scan. if possible help me, I have to solve a problem and the only way to solve it is by making this button CHECK which launches the operative scan. if you open my aia project, you will notice that there are 4 buttons. the 1st is written SCAN, the 2nd ADD, the 3rd is MODIFY, and the 5th is VERIFY. it is the VERIFIER button which must perform this scanning action in order to subsequently give the result in the application.

after testing only i am telling. when i use your gsheet id i got such error so you didnt provide sharing option it seems…

Hi. Did You create the Kodular script and blocks? See user @Still-learning -cited remarks above. Did you check why he quoted those remarks (through the image) on the tinydb tag?

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Hello, I just shared my gsheet

I have checked but I believe that everything is well done. i dont know why it is not working. this is even the reason why I came to ask for help. Can I send the link to my google sheet for you to access or for it to access to see what’s going on?

i hope there is problem with your script code… Why dont you use gviz method suggested by @TimAi2 In his site at here

I have modified your code there by to run without use of your script code… see to the aia…

Try this…

philaGestion_copy.aia (3.4 MB)

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Thank you. I test it

Did you test it? Working as expected ?

Hello. I think you are doing well?
I tested but still the same answer. it does not work. is it possible that i can send you my script so you can help me edit? and you share my google sheet? i am really in need please. I’m sorry to have replied late, I had a connection problem in my country.

I speak french and I translate normally before sending you a message. therefore understand that there may be some spelling mistakes