Verify if user exists

So I was creating a signup form and it checks if the username exists but it doesn’t seem to be working can you help me ?

It won’t affect your code, but it does not need is in list thing(user), list(value) = true this, as is in list thing(thing), list(list) only returns true or false.

Are you sure the database setup is correct?

I see that the value returned by firebase indicates it as a list when real is a value with several elements. What you should do is create an empty list and before asking if it is in the list, you must use the block “for earch item in the List” and in the list place the value returned by firebase and then add each item to the empty list created. Then ask if the user is in the list. I have not tried it but I think it will work …

@Domi your method will work but it uses a lot of blocks in comparison to is in list block.
@tutotn12 I think the problem is in your firebase setup as @Robert said.Because your block has no error.

Yes i watched a video and it worked for the youtuber so i did the same thing but it doesn’t work i even tried it in mit app inventor but still not responding

Can you show your designer settings of firebase?
I think the problem is there.

why not use firebase authentication extension because in that you don’t need to do anything if a user has been created then you will automaticly recieve response from firebase that account has already created with this email id.

use when signup error block set show notifier alert to get message.

Yes your are right.But there are a lot of ways to do that.
So here the problem is not how to create user but the problem is why a particular method is not working:wink:

thank you guys i solved the problem. In fact i thought that the api key is the firebase token