Vertical Arrangement Background not stretched

From the picture, I uses vertical arrangement to set my background image. Is there a way where I can make the picture not fit the size?

Edit your image to have transparent space ?

Explain better what you want to do.

Above is the original image.

What I want is actually that, Instead of fitting all the image to the arrangement, can it just crop the image to fit the arrangement.


From the picture you give, I wanted to put component such as label or button on the Horizontal_Arrangement. If I do it that way, it will make the Image1 beside that the button.

Why not use an image editing app to crop the image, then upload that to your app?

If you need to do this (cropping) in the app, there are extensions that may be able to help with this.

Yup I need to do the cropping in the app because, user will upload their background photos and I don’t I think I would change 1 by 1 every time a user upload their background photos

OK, now we know what you want to do…you should be able to use Taifun’s image extn for this.

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Thank you so much

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