Very long time build apk

usually iam only five minutes

to build apk but now very long time 10 minutes not come


Check the kodular status, build system is offline


Yes, I think that this is only happening with me :joy:

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I try to build app in the morning, now sky is dark and I still can not buid the app. When I check status server kodular, just building system offline. So any guy can tell me when the system online and is how offten does it happen ? thanks all guy

This is because thousands of people are trying to update their app to Api 33.

No, me too

Me too, i can’t Export to APK or AAB. Build server is Offline right now

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There are micro outages of the build system server, every 10 minutes, so you can no longer export apk and neither can aab

until now still cant build

can’t build my apk?

No :frowning: you and anyone

what wrong still can build apk until now