Video channels app - how to create on Kodular

Hello Kodulars, hope you are all doing fine. I need guidance for the following, kindly help.

I had made a yoga app last year here on Kodular (two apps actually). This was a great experience and I got a lot of help here, and I really admire this platform. Thank you all once again.

Here is the link to my app on Playstore -

As you can see, the app has a set of videos that get played. And some other features too.

Now I want to upgrade the app (or make a brand new one) with the following features:

  • to allow users to register and create their own channels.
  • Here they should be able to upload their videos from their devices after login.
  • There will be a size limit for the videos.
  • And a place where the admin can manage uploaded videos and delete them if required.

Desirable feature (but not essential) - There will be ads displayed on their channels, where they can be paid for their popularity. Or at least I should be able to track some statistics about their channels like views, likes or downloads.

Kindly guide on the best way to achieve this using Kodular. Not all features are essential, but the main idea is to create an app where users can register and upload their videos and share them with other users.


Have you tried anything yourself?

Not yet… I’ve never done a login or server connecting app before.

If someone has any experience with these, please share. Any extensions, or the overall way to go about it. That’s all I want to know.

Have you searched the forum?

What I need is advice on a good strategy… an optimal way to achieve these features and avoiding any pitfalls. I am open to hiring a coder from the community if they have experience creating these features.

If anyone is interested, kindly connect with me. Thanks.