Video Picker problem

I have read this topic:

And I have the same problem. It only shows the image gallery, not video. I can only use google photo to choose video instead of the default gallery.
I’m using Oneplus 5T

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Then why you created duplicate topic. Kodular developers will fix this in next days. Don’t make duplicate topics


I didn’t know that before, thanks for telling me.

I will be more aware of it,

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I think…

When do you expect that to happen as the topic you refer to is almost 2 years old


Don’t know how it is on your device but on mine I have to pull down, then I’ll see an option button for videos

Hmmm weird.
I have checked out the tutorial in this App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Pick a file | Pura Vida Apps
It uses Android Starter to pick file.
I wonder if I can use it, but set DataType = "video/*"
Will that work?

what about just trying it? let us know, what you find out…
see also tip 2 here App Inventor: How to Learn | Pura Vida Apps

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I try it yesterday, and it shows Error 601: No corresponding activity was found.
But I tried again today, and it worked!
(But not using the default gallery. Instead, it called the original android file explorer, and limit your option to video format only)

Try by using action PICK and

It worked! thx boban. But I have one more question now. Is that possible to limit the “complete action using…”? Because when I choose some other apps it might got error.

What do you mean?

Btw, It should only show you the apps that are capable of doing that

Yes, it shows the app s that are capable of doing that
But like Mega (the cloud drive) may show up.

Thx for you all! Everything is solved now :grinning:

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