Video player automatic play system


(walya_express) #1

Now play video automatically using Web component

Video player auto play issue will be solved now

(Philipp Lang) #2

why do you load google for play a video. why do you dont use a clcok. ?

(walya_express) #3

Here we are using different screens ( more than one screen ) so I used this method , if u have only one screen then you can go with clock. We tried clock with different screens but the output was nothing .

Here you can use any URL , I took an example of Google URL in this video

(Nikhil27B YT) #4

Why you use Google url play store will be removed your app

(walya_express) #5

You can use any URL …I already mentioned in video.

(Nikhil27B YT) #6

Yes I will watch your video thanks for video

(Rimsha Nazeer) #7

I try about 10 times it’s not working

(walya_express) #8

If not working for you then use premium extension