Video player error 701 not playing videos from assets

I uploaded a small video into the assets and used video player to play it but unfortunately I get an error 701 and video is not playing after building the apk although it works fine in the companion …

I need this video to be in the apk not online

how can I do it?

For now you can’t

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always search before posting, that was a bug and i think its not get fixed yet.


Not get fixed

I solved this issue using a trick …

I made the app search for the video in a hidden folder and sure it won’t be found, then the app will copy the video from the assets to this hidden folder . And it worked very fine for me

Is the bug fixed? how did u solve? some blocks would help . thanks

could you please share the aia

No, this bug is not fixed, even not on the Beta server.
I reported this bug already on July 2019.

The approach of @drpeterramsis2007 is not really a solution or a trick, as you should always avoid that unnecessary permissions are required (in this case: READ_ / WRITE_EXTERNAL_STOARGE).

Therefore you should wait for a fix or use an extension.
If you still want to go this way, you have to use Taifun’s file extension (App Inventor Extensions: File | Pura Vida Apps), because the File component does not work when copying from the assets (I reported this bug also serveral times).

Check this APK: videoPlayer_test.apk (5.4 MB)

The video testVideo.mp4 is copied from the assets to
and is played from there.

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thanks for this replay but still i need to solve the problem I’m a beginner so some time i couldn’t understand well what you are try to explain to me .
when I’m asking for aia that’s mean is this the way to me tracking the blocks to get my results as i want

Here are the blocks of my APK:

@Kodular are you aware of this bug report?

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Sorry for being away as I am a pharmacist and fighting this pandemic nowadays in my country …

I will share my solution soon … but this is still a bug in the video player .
I just tried to bypass this error to use videos in my app …

But solving this bug would be more useful…

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