Video suggestions in my video app

Can you tell me how can i put algorithm in app -like I want to suggest my user video in my app on the basis of video they like or dislike , also how can I remove video he watched already from his feed

Thank you

That’s a lot of questions. What have you tried yourself?

You have a reading time on the community of less then a minute. Did you search the community?

It needs ML algorithm. Firebase has ML kit but we can not use that with Kodular apps. So it is not possible to suggest videos to the users on the basis of likes and dislikes. :slight_smile:

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And what about remove watched video from feed and not showing them again like in app tiktok and youtube

Yes. You can do that. First you need to store the data of all the watched videos for that particular user in the FIrebase DB and then after screen initializing, remove those watched videos for that particular.

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cloudinary vs fire base vs google drive

I always choose Firebase over any other database. For me, Firebase is undoubtedly the best DB for android app development, as of now.

Can I store my files on google drive as it is free , is it fast ? ,can google drive handle traffic of 1 lakh people of my app on one google drive

It’s fast. But not something to use as database. You need to store data in a structured way so that you won’t face any difficulties while calling data from database. You’ll not be able to show videos from Google drive with ease. Maybe, impossible for now. Use firebase.

Can I code kodular made app in android studio for further development , by this method can I put mlkit of fire base in my app and also tell me how can I put ml kit of fire base in my app ,thanks​:metal::kissing_heart: may god bless you

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Also tell how much commission kodular take

Search the community, this has all been asked before.

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I did not found

You have to code the app from the scratch in Android studio. However, you can use the keystore of your kodular app in Android studio. Just export the keystore from your dashboard and import it in the Android studio. You will get tutorials on YouTube about how to import keystore to Android studio.

Coming to ML kit, I think Firebase and YouTube has detailed tutorials on that. It will help you. Don’t worry. It is easy to shift from Kodular creator to Android studio.

You can find Kodular commission app on the Google play. You can calculate it in that app.

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