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I would like to use ViewFlipper component and when the user clicked on the image, it goes to the advertisement webpage.
Is that possible? Or, can I associate it with other component to have this efect?


Try adding image component (with clickable property) as view and see what happens.

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It’s Possible with View Flipper.

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how tell @themaayur

It can’t possible with view flipper.because no block available for when click view flipper

Add image to horizontal component and set clickable to true and set horizontal component to view flipper that’s it it will work i have used in my app


We not need the block for view Flipper, the contents inside it shoud be set to clickable.
@Nivu_Techy Do as @vknow360 and @saddam_horti786 said it’s not that difficult. First try yourself if you had any problem them we are here to help :blush:


i am maked view flipper in my eCommerce app i want to show deal one deal click to show that offer like flipkart

If you want to use more professional way use custom image slider extension from atom developer it have block on click event also image caching property so you will not need to load images again from database

No need of that extension, it can easily done using some blocks and for image caching you can use lmage Loader Extension. For animation phase can be used.


Yes thats ture but image slider extension is very gud and easy to use with minimum block setup

that i konw about viewfipper
give blocks

But it’s paid…:moneybag:

You can implement this, it’s dynamic too.

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It’s possible with some blocks :sunglasses: with yusufcihan (sorry i can’t mention because i’m new) [FREE / Open Source] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component)
Blocks :

  1. make a images list.
  2. Create a procedure :- create a dynamic image component (pro_pic is a ref. image component u can also use Image1), then set clickable and picture trough ‘Any components’ to dynamic image and now add to this to flipper.
  3. set images through procedure.
  4. And now you set a operation like open new screen in ‘if’ block on click on a image in flipper.

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Hi @Subhash_Mahla Welcome to Kodular Community
There is no need to use any extension.You can make that using built in blocks.

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can you tell me how i make this or share the blocks for this :thinking: :thinking:. I am new here :blush:

Add images as views.