View flipper unable to get image from airtable

View Flipper unable to get image from spreadsheet , please fix it
here are blocks

Same here… you expect 1.4.1 will fixed some bugs and error, yeah it fix some bug complained by users, after the release a new bugs and errors again.

did you find any solution

Maybe you can try with

For each element in list block

it work in an empty project for a test, but in the main project dont work, along with some enough components.

does image column contains images or url column? what is in image column ? image names or image url?

nothing wrong with column in airtable. it works well in draco version… it is also url base

i tried this and working for me, tested and working fine images are flipping, my image column contains image links, check out

make sure your image column had image links not image names,

is that an empty project for a test or not?

i tried it in my own project which i am working now, i created a new screen and tried this method, working for me, my app had lot of components,

hmm. its weird mine dont work at all. the blocks nothing touch and working fine in the previous kodular version.

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yes that’s strange, maybe try to give a specific size horizontal and vertically maybe flipper did not work with other screen designer things.

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Yup You are right, i tried it with my other screens there have some buttons and other arrangements, flipper stops working, i think this is a bug,

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Try only to touch not swipe


next update will fix it?

i will check it again and if not fixed then post that again as bug and it will get fixed soon

thanks man

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did u check it?

yes its not working yet,