Viewing images is not allowed!

I am importing data using spreadsheets with the dynamic component, but the images cannot be uploaded or displayed because they do not have permission. What should I do to solve this? Can you help me?

What I really wanted to ask is this: I was taking pictures from spreadsheets in the other application, but now it cannot read the pictures, the permission to read them is not given, but it was given automatically, how can I solve this?

Could you please post the codes you made at this stage as images?

Please do not spam the community, I now moved your question into your other thread

As a start, what about providing a screenshot of your relevant blocks… Also what do you want to happen and what happens instead?


I don’t spam. How can we explain our problem if we don’t send it in a message?

Try to load images async for example…


I already do that, but there is something I noticed: It works on a phone with Android Version 12, everything is fine, but on the phone I just bought with Android Version 13, the same apk images are not displayed. I don’t understand?