Voice Memos - Take notes with your voice

Voice Memos - Take notes with your voice

Voice Memos allows you to take notes with your voice. If you are on the go, or if you are driving, you can just click the button and take notes - without the need to be distracted or to take a look at your phone.

With Voice Memos you can:

  • Add notes by voice
  • Edit notes by using keyboard
  • Play the notes (Text-to-speech)
  • Save and Delete the notes
  • View all of the notes

Currently, we support English language.
(Other languages will be added in the near future.)


You can download this application on Google Play Store.

Any feedback is appreciated.



aia file please .

Sorry but can you please tell me why you are asking for AIA file.
Even after you can see this is neither open source category or mentioned anywhere in title or post.

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