Voice recognize in search bar listview

Good evening everyone, I would like some help: is there a way to automatically type in the listview search bar? For example I would like to use voice recognize to search bar but I can’t find any method, thanks

You can use a button and the component Voice recognizer…so when the button will be click run the recognizer and set the search view text to the text you got from recognition process

Means you want to search a list by voice search

In the meantime, thanks for your availability, it means that when I do a voice search, the spoken text should go directly to the listview search bar

For this you have to make a custom search bar and place a block for voice searching…because the listview search bar doesnot have a block to set search text

check this
here just add the voice seach button to do your work

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Thank you very much Adriraj, this is just what it does for me !!

Welcome man…

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