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Specially selected tales, lullabies and sounds for babies to sleep comfortably and peacefully


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My application, which includes sleep sounds for children, may hang and freeze when switching between screens. Sometimes, despite switching to the new screen, the sound on the other previous page continues to play. The sounds in the application are drawn from cloudinary. What is the cause of these problems?

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yes i want help with solving these problems

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Show your blocks.
Which player do you use?
How are the screens switched?

Note: If every screen is closed when a new one is opened, the sound cannot continue to play on the closed screen.

See e.g. here:

The main and important thing to know which player is used in the app as far as I know if we use taifun player extension and start playing a song and close screen without stopping the player it’s continued to play the sound I found that in an old project of mine.

No, the TaifunPlayer is based on the Android MediaPlayer and has only a special feature for gapless looping. The Player, ExoPlayer and Sound component as well as the TaifunPlayer extension will stop when the screen is closed.

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Thank you for your help
I am using Player. I added a stop code to all exits of the page because it keeps playing when the new page is opened

Because you don’t switch the screens correctly.
This way the app will run into memory issues …

how should i do

See post #4