Voices your movie video subtitles. Srt2TTS

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Voices your movie video subtitles.

You can download Youtube subtitles from downsub.com

If there is a problem reading the Turkish character of the subtitle file, convert the subtitle file format to unicode utf-8 and upload it. from:

If sentences are interrupted while reading, the reading speed may be slow. To speed up, enter the settings of the phone, enter additional settings under the system device heading, enter the language and input section, enter the text reading output below, and accelerate the speed of speech by centering it. you can email for more help or suggestion.

Recep YENİ


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Srt2TTS.aia (1.1 MB)


Nice Work,

Turkish subtitles of Youtube videos were brought automatically.
The display is set to remain on continuously.
Volume down and boost buttons have been added for Youtube video.
Improvements were made to ensure that the speeches were not interrupted.
Sample videos added.

Srt2TTS32.aia (1.1 MB)

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