VPN component for Webview

Is it possible to implement a VPN component to Makeroid?

@admins have you seen the post?

Please dont ask us if we see it.
We notice all.

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Ok, so: is it possible?

But instead of thinking if it’s possible…

Why not asking if it’s useful? I mean, people who wants a VPN just downloads an external app and proxies all his traffic through it. Doesn’t make sense to have just an app who do that, IMHO


Yes, you’re right about that.

It will be useful for me actually, I’m working on a browser right now and I want to add built-in VPN. But I don’t know other users. It won’t be a bad thing to have it on Makeroid, although: it will look cool in Makeroid, for new users. Think, no any other have a component like that.

Let me be honest, it will save my app actually: out of ideas and everyone is requesting a built-in VPN. I replied all of them the truth, that I’m waiting for your support. It would be helpful for me, my users and other users who use Makeroid for creating apps. :slight_smile:

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