Vpn safe Or not?

Is VPN use safe for startapp ads ? I want to know. Because from yesterday I am starting a working in startapp ads. So please tell me.

Not Safe at all, you will get suspension if you use vpn or try to click on your own ads,

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VPN for Startapp ads?
Are you going to self-click on your ads?

If yes, then its not safe and will lead to account suspension.

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No i am not trying to click on my own ads.I am not working in my own ads. My users do work with ads. So If they are working with vpn , then buy any chance can we get suspend from startapp account ?

no, I am not going to self click. My question is- If my users try to work with vpn then any chance for get suspend from startapp account ?

you have to check if user is using vpn then dont show him ads or stops apps with notification that you cant use vpn for this app

That means User’s can’t use vpn when they are trying to click on ads ? :lying_face:

yes, that may suspend you ad account and you will lost all your revenue,

I didn’t get any revenue. This is cause why i am try to use vpn. :cry:
Because I think if use vpn then get extra revenue.

on startapp ads you will only get revenue when user download and install that apps given in ads, and keep them for up to 3 days, country dosnt matter but only click dosnt give any revenue , only installing apps of ads gives revenue

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Thank you very much

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