VXPstore latest version, welcome new year 2021

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VXPstore is a free, tested and selective vxp repository with process, multi-feature, and easy to use .VXPstore provides resources for mre platform supporting devices running on this platform with scalability (.vxp) for you to explore.

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  1. vxp file - store more than 100 .vxp files for you to download and use on mre platform devices.
  2. Wallpaper for free.
  3. Listen to low quality music online.


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Nice ui. Keep it up

Any paid extension is used in this app and app is connected with which database ?
By the way, app is good. Nice work, keep it up.

  • I do not use the extension in my application.
  • The database I use is Airtable
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Please please reply me how you made the side menu layout button

You can design it easily:-

  • Make a carview.
  • Design it as per your needs.
  • Add button or label.
  • Assign it with when click event of side menu in your screen.